HalalVital test! Do I need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C supports:

A good working immune system

Healthy bones and bloodvessels

Healthy teeth and skin

Good functioning of the nerve system

Stimulates the intake of iron in your body

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1. I am a *

2. I am *

3. Choose the skin colour that is closest to yours *

3. Originally I or my (grand-)parents are from *

5. At least 3 days (or more) a week I eat *


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6. I live in *

7. Select what is applicable for you *

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8. My sugar consumption per day is: *

9. Do you have problems with: *

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10. I am *

11. Indicate how much stress you experience per day. *

1= no stress 2 3 4 5= a lot of stress
Per day I experience:

12. Select what is applicable for you *

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Do your gums bleed easily or without reason?
Do you feel unhappy most of the time?
Do you get bruised easily?
Do your wounds heal slowly?
Do you get irritated fast?
Do you have problems with your joints?
Do you have loose teeth?
Do you suffer from malaise?
Do you have low energy levels?

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