Halal Vital Test: How is the health of your gut?

A healthy gut is good for:

Absorption: Better absorption of vitamins & minerals.

Immune system: For supporting immune system.


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1. I am a *

2. I am *

3. Choose the skin colour that is closest to yours *

4. Originally I or my (grand-)parents are from *

5. At least 3 days (or more) per week I eat *


Multiple answers allowed

6. I live in *

7. Select what is applicable for you *

multiple choices allowed

8. My sugar consumption per day is *

9. Do you have problems with: *

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10. I am *

11. Indicate how much stress you experience per day. *

1= no stress 2 3 4 5= a lot of stress
Per day I experience:

12. Do you have your stool daily? *

13. Does your stool come easily? *

14. How many times do you need the toilet brush? *

15. What does your stool look like? *

16. how many times do you fart:

17. Do you suffer from intestinal cramping or pain?

18. Do you have an itching anus?

19. Do you suffer from bloating or food not going down?

20. Enter your email to go to the result page