Golden naturals test: How well can you concentrate?

1. Do you get distracted quickly ( e.g. by backgroundsounds, conversations of other people)? *

2. How many times do you arrive late at work or on an appointment? *

3. How many times do you catch yourself daydreaming during work? *

4. Do you jump for task to task, because you can't concentrate long enough to finish one task? *

5. What happens when you have to do boring, repetitive tasks? *

6. Your calling your friend when your favorite TV-program starts. Do find difficulties keeping your attention at the conversation? *

7. How many times do you re-read a paragraph in a book or magazine or skip parts of texts? *

8. Are you good at noticing details ( e.g. mistakes in typed text)? *

9. Do you lose your patience very quickly? *

10. How many times do you interrupt people during a conversation? *

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