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3 portions wheat, rice or pasta products per day
2 pieces of fruit per day
250 grams vegetables per day
3 portions milk products per day (milk, cheese, Yoghurt
50 grams oil or fat daily
1 portion of meat per day
1 portion of fish per day
1 egg per day

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Hart & vessels
Bones & joints
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I suffer from stiff, hardened and cramped muscles
I suffer from nervousness
I suffer from chronic fatigue
I am often stressed
I often suffer from exhaustion
I'm often restless
I am often irritable
I suffer from alertness, concentration, memory problems
I'm often dizzy
I often have headaches
I have a high or low blood pressure
I suffer from sleep disorders (Don't sleep well every night and am tired during the day)
I often suffer from constipation
I am sensitive to noise and (bright) light
I am often anxious
I stutter often
I am often depressed
I often experience periods of stress
Often I don't feel hungry
My heart rhythm is unregular

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