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Vitamins for muslims

by Jessica Numann

EINDHOVEN - 9 December 2014

The best business ideas are those of which you think: 'why doesn't this already exist?' That is exactly what businesswoman Nienke Ryan likes about her company Halal Vital: an international webshop for halal-certified food supplements. The desire to make the world fitter has not been plucked out of thin air. Ryan's parents were also entrepreneurs in the health sector. She started her business with Jan-Dirk Troost and Werner Jentjens. These business partners are the owners of Natusor, which manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements for ten years in the Netherlands.

Mr Ryan has been chosen for the job due to her IT background. "They have brought me in to create a link between our two worlds, because dietary supplements are only limited available online, while it has a tremendous reach. Especially through the 'niche' of 1.8 billion Muslims that we focus on, Halal Vital is a formula for success. But what is also important, is our shared passion for healthy living! Which you really need to break through. "

Making halal nutritional supplements is a rather complicated process, and the entrepreneurs work together with pharmaceutical companies: "There is often porc gelatin incorporated in pil, so to make such a pill user friendly, an alternative schould be available. Also alcohol should not be used. Sometimes there are unannounced checks, so there is no room for sloppiness. "
The three partners have chosen an external team of specialists to do the marketing, what Ryan states to be as the cornerstone of every enterprise. "You cannot just put a product on the market. You first need to know whether there is a need for it, and from there take a position. "

"It is extremely important that you deliver what you promise, especially with today's social media, if you amke a mistake, everyone knows that sraight away." HalalVital therefore uses the online platform to know what is playing among the target group , and give customers room for feedback and advice.
HalalVital is launched simultaneously in five European countries. Through crowdfunding platform Symbid entrepreneurs now hope to obtain sufficient funding in order to continue: "We invite everyone to invest, because the profitablility is high and if we reach our goal we can focus on building the organization. Our goal? Make more than 1.8 billion customers around the world happy and healthy.

source: Telegraaf