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Brabant Halal pills go all over the world: "We offer an alternative '

7th April 2015

EINDHOVEN - Halal Pills. They are mineral- and vitamin pills, but halal produced. The coating of a normal pill is in fact made from pig gelatin and therefore Muslims should acctually not take these pills. The company HalalVital from Eindhoven makes the new pills and thinks it is a gap in the market. Nienke Ryan: "Muslims can take regular pills, unless an alternative is available. And we are offering that alternative now. "

According to Ryan the reason that the pill did not exist is actually quite simple. "We have to meet quite a few requirements. So we canot use certain substances like alcohol and porc gelatin and employees must be specially trained. Once everything is good you get  a halal certificate, like we did. "


The Halalpil came about through crowdfunding, a form of public funding. Ryan: "There were two reasons. First, it gave us certainty: we had to find enough investors to get started. If we had not found thsoe, it would indicate that there might be insufficient interest from the market. In addition, Muslims do not have a bank loan because they cannot pay interest. Through crowdfunding, you don't pay interest for borrowing money. "


The Dutch company will focus primarily on the large modern Muslim markets such as France, Germany, Britain, Saudi Arabia and the US Distribution takes place from Eindhoven and sales takes place via a new webshop. The company wants to reach 1.8 billion people worldwide. "But not only Muslims," ​​Ryan adds. "The Halalpil is also meant for people who want to know what exactly they use."

Source: Omroep Brabant