Sensa care receives first maternity package in the Netherlands with Halal Vitamins of HalalVital 

100% Halal certified vitamins and supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding free of alcohol and porcine gelatin. 

EINDHOVEN - November 16, 2015 - The Dutch vitamin producer Halal Vital has found their first partner in the care sector “Sensa care”. From now on the maternity package of Sensa care contains Halal certified vitamins of HalalVital. Sensa Care is unique because it is the first Dutch healthcare provider, which offers cross-cultural care. Sensa care provides care for each stage of life, from pregnancy to old age. The products of Halal Vital seamlessly meet the needs of the target group of Sensa Care. 
Director Suleyman Gogus: "As the first healthcare provider in the Netherlands, Sensa Care started 10 years ago and has grown into a serious Dutch care provider with nationwide coverage. Sensa care offers an intercultural high quality care from the first to the last stage of life. Halal products fit our philosophy and the quality we want to offer to all our customers. " 
Sensa care is unique because the organization offers everything in terms of care from the beginning to end. Anne Maternity care is an intercultural maternity care organization that has grown quickly. The demand for care of the stall crease and her neighbours is responded by Anne Maternity in her own familiar surroundings with the necessary expertise, professionalism and flexibility. Having a heart for the care is an essential factor. These goals are achievable for maternity care Anne by the expertise of its employees, their knowledge and their affinity with different cultures, values and the close collaboration with partners such as Halal Vital. 

Niche 1.8 billion 

Besides Sensa Care as the newest partner Halal Vital offers the Halal certified vitamins and supplements via its online web shop. This makes the range of Halal Vital available to everyone over the world. The company serves especially the Muslim community, a target 1.8 billion people. According to the Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP) the worldwide market for vitamins and minerals in 2015 is worth over 30 billion. 
Halal Certified 
Halal Vital has spent one and a half year on the development of vitamins and supplements that measure up to the strict European laws and regulations, HACCP and on top of that the Halal label. This means that the products of Halal Vital meet additional quality demand. For Muslims it is important that products are halal worthy. It means for example that the vitamins and minerals don’t contain substances as pork gelatine and alcohol and are produced in a Halal dignified manner. Ryan: "Many people do not know that tablets have a coating produced with alcohol, but alcohol is also often used during distillation of fish oil. It is also often thought that vegetarian vitamins are Halal, but this is a misconception. " 
The first products in the range of Halal Vital include multivitamins for adults and children, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Probiotics, melatonin and calcium. Recently Fish Oil, a slimming product and Protein shake has been added. 

Halal Financing 

Halal Vital B.V. raised the start-up capital through equity crowdfunding. This method of financing is Halal, because it involves equity and does not work with interest. In two crowdfunding campaigns more than 150 investors have shown their confidence in Halal Vital. "This is a best practice crowd funding campaign," said Robbin Hoogstraten financing platform Symbid, "and because the method is based upon shares and there is no interest involved, it’s also Halal and a good idea to raise funds this way." 


About Halal Vital 

Halal Vital B.V. is the first company in Europe to offer 100% certified high-quality vitamins and supplements, online and worldwide. A typical Dutch company with a vision and knowledge to serve the largest growing market in a modern way. Our focus is the Halal lifestyle, health, welfare and sustainability. 

Sensa Care 

Sensa Care was created by the growing demand for customer-oriented care, taking into account the cultural background of the client. Sensa Care provides assistance to clients from different backgrounds and specialized in providing assistance to clients with a non-Dutch background. Sensa Care specializes in supporting children and young people with intellectual disabilities. In addition, they provide care to the elderly, disabled people, people with mental health problems and chronic illnesses. The client is key. 
<not for publication> For more information please contact Nienke Ryan, CEO Halal Vital BV, 0631213392,