Eindhoven shop for halal vitamins

Eindhoven, 26th of May 2015 - The Eindhoven company Halal Vital is the first online store that sells halal vitamins and minerals. The company started less than two months ago and it already has more than a thousand visitors a week.

"This is linked to the way the company is put into the market," confirms Nienke Ryan. "But especially with an existing need. We have responded to a specific question from the market." Only in America Halal vitamins are available in a small quantity. "But the market is very big," stresses Ryan. "Europe has 50 million Muslims. Worldwide, there are 1.8 billion."

Ryan, with experience in business management, has been asked by the Dutch company Natusor to develop a business model for halal vitamins. Pills, powders and drinks  which are produced purely halal. Without porc gelatin and without the use of alcohol in the production process.

Ryan delved into the matter and wrote not only the businessplan, she also ensured that they had enough capital. And more importantly, by making use of the international crowdfunding platform Symbid, they reached a large community, and they attracted many shareholders.

"That way you know whether there is support and the same way of thinking," Ryan says. "But we also needed that extra investment. We asked for 130,000 euros and received it."

Source: ED