The deadly addiction of today: Sugar

How much sugar do you eat?

Do you really know? To be able to answer that question you need to know what sugar really is. As it comes in many disguises. To start with, Sugar has 55 names. 
So you are not really to blame that you are not able to give an answer to the above question. 
You can find sugar in cookies, sweets but also in sauces, ready-made-meals, breakfast cereals, fruityoghurts etc.
Natural sugars are found in fruit. These sugars are healthier than refined sugars, as the body can burn them quicker and therefor they will nog make your sugarlevels peak. But watch out. Natural sugars are also sugars. 
The only way to make sure you kick the sugar addiction is to eat as little as possible. So next to no sugar, less to no honey, any kind of syrups and stevia. Otherwise you keep your sugar addiction habbits going.  Read more about  the deadly addiction of today: Sugar. Start the new year healthier with tips you find in this newsletter.        
Best wishes for 2016 from the whole team of HalalVital

Tip 1: 

Reducing sugar 

Suddenly lowering your sugar intake can be a burden for your  body and willpower. It's better to reduce gradually by using sauces without sugar and to have fruits, nuts, etc. ready to eat. To  reduce snacking during the day, please fill out ourquestionnaire for tips.

Tip 2:

make sure you have alternatives

With the first tip you can better resist severe cravings for sweets. Our dietician Mariam Aaras has made a recipe as an alternative to sugar: a delicious breakfast bar. Click here for the recipe for the sugar-free breakfast bar!!

Tip 3:

Extra vitamin C and calcium

You need Vitamin C for iron absorbtion and a healthy immune defence. If you eat sugar, you absorb less Vitamin C. Therefore, take extra vitamin C. continue reading in the newsletter about what you can do about the effect of sugar on calcium.

30 days no sugar l the challenge

Maarten van Elst, our sport and dietspecialist had taken on the challenge.

Maarten: "The most difficult are the first ten days. If you after stopping with eating sugar, eat it once, then it is even harder, but after ten days you start to feel the difference. More energy and more flavor."

Will Maarten be able to stay sugar free for the remaining 30 days? Please visit our 30-day no-sugar challenge page to see if he succeeds!

Sugar makes your blood sugar level rise, which affects your emotions, your strength, cardiovascular health. To control your weight, it is important to eliminate sugar or to at least reduce it drastically. See the tips on how to do this.

Calcium +D

Sugar disrupts your entire vitaminstock and unbalances your calcium. The body will then start extracting calcium from the teeth and bones, in order to restore the balance, though without success.
If you want to keep strong bones and teeth, this is what you can do::

1. Reduce your sugar intake (to the minimal intake)

2.  Supplementing your body with Calcium.

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    Which sugars    should I avoid?

All refined sugars. Honey, syrups, sweeteners. You get ill quickly, the health of your heart and vessels drops, you deal with excess weight and too much sugar enters the bloodstream. Within 10 days without  sugar researchers have seen normal values in children.

How do I deal with cravings?

In this newsletter we would give information about weight loss and nutrition. Healthy eating is important, but did you also know that making changes in when and where you eat, reduces snacking with 70%? Fill out the questionnaire  and get our tips!

How much sugar can my child have?

Children should not get more than 3-4 teaspoons of sugar per day. Too much sugar affects not only the teeth, the weight, but also the immune defence, growth hormones, blood sugar levels, mood, energy etc.


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Sugar contains no vitamins or supplements. To  process sugar the stock of your body is used. Multi's bring your vitamine level up again and contain Chromium for the proper control of your blood sugar.

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Children grow and they need all the materials for this proces.Sugar not only affects teeth and weight, but also a healthy immune defence, growth hormones, blood sugar, emotions and mood.