100% Certified Vitamins to support a Halal and Healthy Lifestyle

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After a successful 1st investment round we pre-launch the announced 2nd round due to the enormous interest. Exclusively and for invited investers only for a limited period.

HalalVital, an European organisation embracing the best of all worlds by offering:

➜ First online store to offer and reach target market worldwide.

➜ Vitamins & supplements 100% natural and proven success.
➜ High quality guaranteed conform QA regulations PLUS Halal certified.
➜ Potential target 1.8 billion consumers worldwide.
➜ Global annual turnover total market for 2015 33.97 billion.
➜ Safe and high ROI of 20% expected at the least.
➜ Equity funding is Halal.
➜ A part of the profit from every product sold is donated to provide a better life for children.

HalalVital, for a better life.

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Note: As the last funding round is already 86% full, we advise interested parties to invest now.

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