Sugar Fix

Deadly addiction of today: Sugar

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Sugar fix

Deadly addiction of today: Sugar

How much sugar do you eat? 

Do you really know? To be able to answer that question you need to know what sugar really is. As it comes in many disguises. To start with Sugar has 55 names. 
So you are not really to blame that you are not able to give an answer to the above question. 
You can find sugar in cookies, sweets but also in sauces, ready-made-meals, breakfast cereals, fruityoghurts etc.
Natural sugars are found in fruit. These sugars are healthier than refined sugars, as the body can burn them quicker and therefor they will nog make your sugarlevels peak. But watch out. Natural sugars are also sugars. 
The only way to make sure you kick the sugar addiction is to eat as little as possible. So next to no sugar, less to no honey, any kind of syrups and stevia. Otherwise you keep your sugar addiction habbits going. 

How do you get addicted?

Refined Sugars is made into dopamin in the brain. That makes you feel good. No wonder that it is hard to stop using sugar. Your body wants that feeling back. And the easiest and fastest way is with refined sugars. Don't underestimate the sugar addiction. It really is an addiction that you can only overcome with a lot of willpower and discipline.
But the good news is, there are plenty of examples of people that managed to win the sugar challenge.
Are you ready to kick the habit? Participate in our Sugar Challenge to share your experiences with the rest of the world to help us make them aware that taking the sugar out will add years to your life.


Author: Jan-Dirk Troost - Product Developer l HalalVital B.V.



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