Pomegranate Date Quinoa Energy Bars

A quick healthy snack



¾ cup Medjool dates

½ cup pomegranate seeds (1/4 of a big promegranate)

½ cup flax seed powder

½ cup cooked quinoa

¼ cup sunflower seeds

¼ cup hemp seed powder

pinch of sea salt


1. Remove the core from the dates and chop into small chunks. They might be very sticky.

2. Add all the ingredients into the food processor and process until smooth, or to the texture that you desire.

3. Scoop the mixture into the bar-shaped silicon molds, this fills six 7.6×2.7×3 cm (3×1×1.2 inches) molds.

4. Wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze overnight.

5. Remove the energy bars from the molds and put them into a freezer box or bags, keep them in the freezer and eat directly from the freezer. If it’s too cold for you, you can wait until it reaches room temperature, but don’t wait for too long, otherwise they turn soft and mushy.

By: Annie Taylor Chen