HalalVital partners with Mishkaat to offer Halal vitamin pack for the pilgrims

100% certified quality vitamins and supplements for sleep, digestion and muscles, free of alcohol and pork gelatin

HalalVital B.V., HalalVital

HalalVital partners with Mishkaat to offer Halal vitamin pack for the pilgrims

100% certified quality vitamins and supplements for sleep, digestion and muscles, free of alcohol and pork gelatin

EINDHOVEN – December 1st, 2015 - The Dutch vitamin producer Halal Vital has today announced its partnership with Mishkaat with offices in the Netherlands among various other countries and an emerging Halal Tourism brand of the global travel specialist, Vasco Worldwide. HalalVital offers Halal Vitamins via their online store to the Muslim market of 1.8 billion of which 1 million customers account from the Netherlands. Mishkaat specialises in the pilgrim travels, Hadj en Umrah. These pilgrim travels represent the largest migration worldwide. Performing Hajj or Umrah is a lifetime experience for a pilgrim, which involves a physically & mentally challenging travel to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To counter that, HalalVital offers an exclusive vitamin travel pack for Mishkaat customers traveling for the Holy journey. The partnership aims at encouraging a healthy Halal lifestyle, wellbeing and sustainability for all the pilgrims.

TheHalalVital package is exclusively formulated for Mishkaat pilgrims considering the demanding travel. It is important for pilgrims to stay energetic and active while performing the religious rituals until the end of the journey. To keep up with the challenging travel schedule, the package includes vitamins, supplements for better digestion, energy, strengthening and repairing muscles. The intake of these products help a body to adapt to different rhythms and mitigate the risk of fatigue and stress.

Pilgrims face challenges traveling abroad such as physical exertion, heatstroke, dehydration and digestion issues, which can have very unpleasant effect on their journey. It is important to factor these risks before planning a travel and take necessary precautions.” Said, Suhail Shaikh, Head, Mishkaat

Our mission is to ensure that our pilgrim’s journey is hassle-free, focused and remains a pilgrimage of spiritual essence in its totality. Mishkaat tour package includes flight tickets, hotel stay with breakfast, Mazarat in Makkah and Madinah with Sheikh Shatri, Ihram kit and a complementary KSA sim card. We are glad to introduce HalalVital package to the range of our offerings and hoping that our customers will benefit from these products.” He added.

It is estimated that there are over 1 million Muslims in Netherlands who are expected to undertake the holy

Niche 1.8 billion
Besides Mishkaat as the newest partner Halal Vital offers via its online shop the Halal certified vitamins and supplements to the consumers. This makes the range of Halal Vital world available to everyone. The company targets especially the Muslim community, a niche of 1.8 billion people. According to the Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP) the market worldwide for vitamins and minerals is estimated to be over 30 billion worth in 2015.

Halal Certified
Halal Vital has spent a year on the development of vitamins and supplements that meet the strict European laws and regulations, HACCP and on top of the Halal label. This means that the products of HalalVital meet additional quality. For Muslims it is important that Halal products are worthy. It means for example that the vitamins and minerals contain no substances such as porcine gelatin and alcohol and are produced in a Halal dignified manner. Ryan: "Many people do not know that tablets have a coating in which alcohol is used and often alcohol is used for the distillation of Omega 3 fish oil. It is also often thought that vegetarian or Kosher vitamins are Halal, but this is a misconception as in the vegetarian and Kosher vitamins Alcohol has been used and (not Halal) gelatine. "

The first products in the range of Halal Vital include multivitamins for adults and children, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Probiotics, melatonin and calcium. Recently there have been fish oil, a slimming product and Protein added for Fitness.

Halal Financing
Halal Vital B.V. reached the start-up capital through equity crowdfunding. This method of financing is Halal, because it involves equity and does not work with interest. In two crowdfunding campaign more than 150 investors have shown their confidence in Halal Vital. "This is a best practice crow funding campaign," said Robbin Hoogstraten from financing platform Symbid, "and because it involves shares and no interest it is Halal, making this a perfect way to fund good ideas."


About Halal Vital
Halal Vital B.V. is the first in Europe to offer online 100% certified high-quality vitamins and supplements worldwide. A typical Dutch company with vision and knowledge to serve the largest growing market in a modern way. Our focus is the Halal lifestyle, health, welfare and sustainability. www.halalvital.com

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Launched in 2014, Mishkaat has set its global footprints in UAE, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India & Nigeria. Mishkaat offers a diverse range of travel and allied services from Hajj & Umrah packages, visa concierge, legalization, document translation, airlines booking, airport transfers, hotels, vaccinations and executive health services under one canopy.  www.mishkaatworldwide.com

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