Why holiday's can be stressful

Planning for a perfect holiday

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Hooray, we are going on a holiday, but we also experience a lot of stress. You need to fisnish your work, pack your suitcase, etc. etc. And we are on holiday we get sick, we get muscle pain, flu or a headache on the first day. Pity, beacuse it is not necessary.

How did that happen? The last two weeks we live on adrenaline (stress hormone) which causes you to be alert, your immun system works harder then normal, and your muscles always remain active (tense). Adrenaline and other hormones cause you to stay awake, they take aways your appetite and increase your craving for sweet or salty foods. Don't give in to it. At such a moment drink a glass of lukewarm water and place a tiny pinch of sea salt under your tongue.

Also, take a moment to rest everyday. Lie down on the couch or bed (without sleeping) and listen to your breathing. You only need 15 minutes and you will find that you become more relaxed. This is because you make growth hormones that recover your body.

How can we relax and go on vacation? Start several weeks before the holiday by making a list. On which you put: What should I do and what do I take with me.

You change your diet by not eating raw, but lightly cooked foods. No sugar, alcohol, coffee, green or black tea and no hot spices during the evening. Drink lemon balm tea, chamomile, hops, valerian tea.

Take a good multi-vitamin every day to keep your energy up, omega 3 for your brain to function properly, and extra vitamin D to keep the immune system strong.

If this is not enough, there are for example the herbs Rhodiola & ashwaganda. These directly work on the adrenal glands (where stress hormones are made).

If you have a lot of stress you produce a lot of waste and vitamin C cleans that up nicely.

A week before the holidays you go through your list again and make sure that your have finished everything two days before the holiday. The last to nights you can take melatonin if needed to sleep well and then head rested on vacation.