The impact of relaxation on the skin

Relaxing is good for the skin.

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The skin. The main body organ, as without it your body would fall apart, but it has many more features. You breathe through skin, your temperature is regulated, and most importantly it gives you signals or you can pretend that you do not feel it (your feelings).

You can also read your skin to determine what is wrong with you (health wise). For example if you have vitamins or minerals deficiencies.

Dark blue in the corner of your eyes where your nose is can among other things indicate an iron deficiency. Pigmented lesions may indicate A poor drainage of the liver. Blue circles under the eyes often says something about moisture deficit. Stress causes red spots on your skin. Pimples or acne can have various causes. Too little water, bad nutrition among other things, too much sugar, or you suffer from the hormones. White spots on the nails is often a shortage of zinc.

The sun dries your skin out and accelerates the aging process, but you do need sun for vitamin D. Never get sun or if you always cover your body please take vitamin D during the summer and winter.

A vacation (rest) not only gives your body a rest, but also your skin. And to get better rest, take extra magnesium. Your skin can recover. The waste may be disposed of. Do you take Fish Oil then the skin is self-restored at the cellular level, because the substance EPA in fish oil is responsible for the suppleness of the skin cells.

Your food is still the most important. e.g. Carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene which in turn protects against the sun. Minerals are much better for your skin. E.g. silicea is a mineral that produces the collagen in your skin (hooray, bye bye wrinkles). Silica can be found in oats, millet, horsetail, bamboo etc. Lines in the length of your nails or peeling nails is often a silicea deficit. B vitamins are also very important. Especially B12, there are unfortunately many people who have a deficiency here. The main source is red meat, well and you often do not eat much of it. Moreover, much meat is not good.

Other sources of B vitamins are wholegrain cereals, legumes, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Zinc can be found in pumpkin seeds, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils. These oils are rich in vitamin E which is a strong power for your skin and a protector.

So there is much to do to get your skin beautiful, sleek and smooth. Oh yeah, and do not believe in applying oils on your skin? Just go and see what oils are used in some countries for the skin. E.g. argan oil, almond oil, borage oil, sesame oil, olive oil. Those are really good oils.



Magnesium helps relax.

Smooth skin

Support your skin with Fish Oil.

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