How to make the most of your holidays

Tips to make the most of your holiday

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If you are wise you'll rest the first day. Long live the laziness. Explore the area a bit.

When you have jet lag take natural melatonin at bedtime.

Take note about the temperature in the country. If it's hot, make sure to drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters. That is actually too less, because your body will cool and so it needs much more. I usually drink 4 to 5 liters of water and then I am not counting coffee, juices and other liquids. When you drink enough water you lose too many minerals. So you need to replenish with a multi-vitamin and mineral complex. You can also put a little extra salt in your food. If you still have cramp or muscle pain take extra magnesium. It's a good idea anyway, because you need to relax and your mind / thoughts process should be more relaxed

Enjoy your holiday. Try to eat less sugar/sweets as possible. Why? 1 gram of sugar retains 5 grams of moisture. So, then you get those complaints: Swollen ankles, can not stand the heat, do not sweat, or sweat more than usual.

Now you have rested, your body also needs fewer nutrients. So when you eat a third or half less food than normally, you won't gain any kilos during the holidays.

If you have an active holiday then make sure you eat well. No fast carbs / sugar, but lots of fruit, vegetables and good proteins. Especially in Mediterranean countries dishes with chicken and beans are well known. Mmm delicious.

And then the herbs there. Turmeric (anti-inflammatory etc.), fenugreek (to recuperate), basil and oregano.

During the holidays it can happen that you get diarrhea. It helps to take a good pro-biotics (your natural supplement for your gut bacteria) You must take extra water and salt, as well as oregano, because it ensures that the harmful bacteria leaves your body. The first day that you have the diarrhea / vomiting food is not important, but always take a small sip of water. Not cold but at room temperature.

If your skin got completely sun burnt then vitamin C and D helps. Vitamin C for the removal of harmful sunburn and Vitamin D to restore your skin and immune system. And Fish Oil assists in the recovery of the cells.

Enjoy and happy holidays.



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