Muslims and health

As salamu alaikum, 

This survey enables us to understand what the needs and preferences are of muslims in the UK regarding health supplements. With this information we can produce health supplements that you need and want. Each page consists of max. 3 or less short questions.

We want to thank you for filling out the survey, which should only take 5 minutes.  

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Mention any issues you have. Examples: backpain, pain in joints, hairloss, weak eye sight, dandruff, problems with sleeping, tiredness etc.

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Weight gaining
If other, precise:

State per line for who you would buy vitamins en for how much. *

I would buy supplements for my.......and would pay........ 

parents self husband/wife kids £ 5 £ 10 £ 15 I would not buy this
for the development of the brain - Fish Oil
for the heart and bloodvessels- Fish Oil
for strong bones and muscles - calcium & Vitamin D
healthy skin + immune system - Vitamin C
For energy - multi vitamin + Q10
for relaxing the muscles and nerve system - Magnesium
for overal health and immune system - probiotics
during pregnancy and breastfeeding period
to lose weight- weigtloss shake
to gain weight - weightgaining shake
sport supplements- whey proteine + multi vitamins
for a better sleep - melatonin
against hairloss - aminoacid
for the joints, better movement - glucosamine

As a muslim I can use: *

multiple answers allowed, choose the options which are allowed to be used by muslims.

Write down 3 vitamin brands that you use or would use.

If you don't use vitamines, then write down the brands which you would consider using.

I prefer *

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What is important when buying health supplements? (copy) *

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You have a vitamin shortage, and need more information about this vitamin. Where would start searching for this info [or to whom would you ask]? (copy) *

e.g. books,  websites, blogs, doktor etc.

Would you buy vitamins from a company that is located abroad? (copy) *

Now that there are halalvitamins,what would you choose *

Which discount option looks most attractive for you? [see picture] *

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If I have to buy vitamins, then I would buy it *

On which online platform do you spend the most time? *

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Blogs [reading blogarticles]
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