Company in Eindhoven opens shop for halal vitamins

Eindhoven - 27th of Mei 2015

The Eindhoven company Halal Vital is an online store and started selling halal vitamins and minerals.

Eindhoven company opens shop for halal vitamins

The shop has been open for a few weeks now, but is already being visited a lot, says businesswoman Nienke Ryan: "We started this because the demand for halal vitamins and minerals is enormous. Worldwide there are 1.8 billion Muslims. They can order their halal vitamen only at US shops. "

The checking of Vitamins and Minerals is strict. These supplements are Halal if for example there is not no gelatin from pigs in it. Or if alcohol had not been use during the production. "There are European guidelines. And to this we add a extra quality, "says Nienke.

The office of Halal Vital is located on the Quinten Matsyslaan in Eindhoven. Nienke is not planning to open a physical shop, besides the web shop: "We want to reach Muslims and non-Muslims from all over Europe and for this we can't use a physical shop."

Source: Studio 040